Having My Cake

Well two rather nice chocolate cup cakes actually. But this is really a  post about the importance for me of picking and choosing events and not spreading myself too thinly. I chose not yo attend and event I could have gone to in Friday to save myself for a long night last night at Underworld at a femdom event called At My Command. This was worth doing to keep myself mentally and physically fresh.  Because we dommes were busy what with forced exercise, a slave hunt and an interrogation scenario where we had to extract thew code to a safe that contained a bottle of fizz and a box of chocolates. I really enjoyed this and extracted numbers from two slaves,  certainly no pain sluts but who quickly realised that dealing with me in full sadistic flow soon saps the will to be brave. This was my first time at At My Command and it is a brilliant event. The games were well thought out and got everyone involved. And how we enjoyed ourselves! Then there was the cake………

This is one of three femdom events held regularly in the West Midlands. I love Bitchcraft and Devotion too, not least because of the lovely people. Femdom is where I began and, several years on, where I have come back to. It is my home within he often bewildering world of BDSM and I will always make time for these events in the busy life I lead, a lige that means I can’t fit in anywhere near the number of events I would like to go to.

And guess what? They all have nice cakes.

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