A Few Thoughts on Face Sitting

I love sitting on my slave’s face, as much as he loves feeling my bottom press down on him, the softness of my panties, the weight that restricts hos breathing the tantalising closeness of my genitals,  the aromas of my animal sexuality. I love too the helplessness of his position, the easy accessibility of his nipples, his penis, his balls. Facesitting is sensual but, as a sadist, I cannot allow him to enjoy too much sensuality without the spice of a little excruciating pain.

But until last week, I had never sat on his face outside a BDSM context, naked, pantyless, offering him my crack to lick, feeling the delicious rub of his stubble, the tongue working its way round. I leaned forward not to torture him but to take hos delicious cock in my mouth, to lick his balls, to enjoy the groaning not of pain, but of pleasure anticipated, pleasure that could still be denied, if I was to  switch back into domme mode. Or maybe I never leave domme mode, maybe the sexual and the BDSM elements of our relationship have become so deeply intertwined that they can no longer be separated. And this is not always good news for him because  it adds to his uncertainty, knowing that he could be denied what he most craves, that I might ruin his orgasm, just because I can.

But last week I didn’t. As I felt the delicious abrasion, felt his cock harden in my mouth,  I was just so horny. I needed orgasms and quickly and if he had one too, well that’s all part of the fun too. Sometimes good service needs to be rewarded.

Sitting Around

My first experience of face sitting wasn’t in a BDSM setting. It happened when I was 10 and a jealous older sister of a school friend. She overpowered me and sat on my face, wriggling as she did so, and made no move to get up as I screamed and beat the ground furiously as I struggled for air. She did this more than once and it was part of a pattern of seeking to humiliate me and more. This was the same girl who tied me up and locked me up in a coalscuttle and I have no doubt she really wanted to harm me. She certainly terrified me.

After that face sitting played no part in my life until two years ago when ATVOD included in their ludicrous list of banned activities in their war on porn or rather their war on sexual activities that women enjoy.  But still I felt no desire to do it.

Now I have a sub who loves having my butt, actually quite a bony in these days with all the running I do, on his face, and as I gain experience I have come to realise it is rather sensual. Maybe there is an element of humiliation for the sub. Maybe it’s the thought that my genitalia are just a tongue length away.  For me it’s the symbolism. As a form of breath play it is a powerful form of control. And the thought of my sub, directly underneath me, utterly helpless, is intoxicating.

I know that Harriet Birch hated me with a passion all those years ago but if I don’t exactly remember her with fondness I don’t feel any bitterness. I wonder whether she was one of the people I have met on my journey who helped plant seeds of kink within me? And I also wonder what she is doing now?