With the grim inevitability of the humourless, authoritarian and puritanical Theresa May being returned as Prime Minister with  a larger majority on June 8th , difficult times await for all those of us who are into BDSM or any kind of alternative forms of sexual expression. This is why we should get behind campaigning organisations like Backlash UK. This is  exactly what a number of us  who know each other from Eroticon are going to be doing on Saturday 1st July when we spend 12 hours chained to our laptops writing filth. Some of us are meeting in London while others are taking part remotely but joining the party via Skype.

We are, all of us, perverted or debauchd, both (me!) , or simply see sexual self- expression as fundamental to our identity. The battle against censorship and puritanical legislative restrictions on what we do with our bodies is a fight for everyone. But it is laso our personal battle. Please support us