Taking Liberties

I have had a few weeks away from the scene for various reasons and this has coincided with a return of my anxiety. It is never far from the surface and can bubble up unexpectedly, a bit like the eczema I also suffer from.I woke up on Sunday feeling detained having hardly slept.  To be honest, I was dreading the day of kink that lay ahead.

Yet I went to bed feeling deeply happy. Maybe time spent with scene friends, old and new, was just what I needed.  And quality time with my slave. I popped into the BBB for an hour or so and caught up with few people before heading off to Leicestershire to what has become one of favourite places for kink events, Liberty Elite.

If you imagine how a 1970s swingers club probably looked like it won’t be a lot different from Libs and I mean that as a compliment. It is well appointed, extremely comfortable and has a decent sized play area where slave’s bottom received some long overdue attention.  There was a lovely buffet and we sat outside to enjoy what little sun there was. And this is the best bit. Libs has a patio and a large grassed area. It is also in the middle of nowhere  which means you can play outdoor 🙂

had taken a pair of boots and walked the grounds looking for some mud to get on them, for licking off purposes. sadly it was too dry although my slave did get to 2 laps of the field in honour of London Marathon day. But I am really hoping the next afternoon event will be after a day or two of heavy rain. Then I will have my fun.