An Afternoon of Devotion

As they say, you learn something new every day. On Sunday I learnt the Afrikaans  for “one thank You Mistress, tow thank You Mistress” and so on. My friend and I had bought a slave at the auction, a really sweet and submissive South African man, and had great fun administering a spelling test  with appropriate punishments for mistakes. He learnt a few new spellings, received a sore backside and we learnt a few words of a new language.

There is also the language of kink  and this is pretty universal. The salves on offer also included a Pole and a Spaniard. In post-referendum times we kinksters plough our own inclusive furrow.

I have always enjoyed Devotion, the quarterly femdom event held at Xstasia in West Bromwich,  but this was the best event yet. The slave auction was a new idea and a massive success. Domina Liza was a fabulous auctioneer and everyone had a good laugh as the sale progressed. And we were more than happy with our “purchase”  . But the greatest thing was that it broke the ice and enabled people to play with each other who might not otherwise even have spoken. Some of us go with our respective subs/dommes,  but many unattached kinksters go, and everyone who wants to, gets to play.

This is because it is a friendly event, and one, where, while due regard is paid to protocol, no-one takes themselves too seriously. Which is as it should be.

My slave and I had a ball and I am sure he would join me in thanking  Miss Treat, Miss Roxxy and Trample Temptress  for their respective roles in organising and running the event, Domina Liza  for being the most amazing auctioneer ever, and all of these ladies for total awesomeness. Oh and the subs too…because there can be no Devotion without them.

So, if you’re a submissive of any gender or a dominant who identifies as female, this really is an event you can’t miss. If you are in West Bromwich on 5th February 2017  Xstasia is the place to be. Oh and you get fed as well!


3 thoughts on “An Afternoon of Devotion

  1. I certainly second thanks for the organisers and stars, and concur that it is always an excellent event. Unfortunately, I was one who took it too seriously, as I tend to. And neither entered for the auction, nor given permission or physically free to do so myself. I felt a somewhat left out of the fun much of the time. I suppose that’s a slave’s lot; l’ve much to learn. 😦

    If I didn’t know the author of this blog was a Mistress – or female for that matter! – and hence always right, I’d have sworn there were, ironically, two spelling mistakes in her blog. 🙂 But I’m only a mere male – supposed slave, indeed – so what do I know? (Clearly nothing much, at least as regards the scene.) And what do a slave’s opinions matter anyway? (Little or nothing, I was told by a lovely play partner recently. I understood that too late.)

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  2. But I should add that, much to my surprise, there was a good range of gluten free sandwiches, which cheered me up no end. Do ask though: previously I’d made do with grapes and tomatoes! The spanking musical chairs, which I was permitted to enter, was also great. I finally learned how to really enjoy it; not just cope. 🙂


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